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Savvy Touch

Rocket Fuel Campaigns

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by name and by nature.

Our No1 selling product that is now world famous!

#3drops #3secs #breathe

  • Completely unique to Savvy Touch - and available in the UK
  • A 100% natural product, New Zealand made to the highest standard
  • Ideal for the whole family from 5 years and upwards
  • Incredible for athletes looking for added performance using a 100% natural product - reach out and touch that next level of excellence.

Breathe Better perform better.
Breathe better recover faster
Its that simple!

Keep clear and healthy while travelling.
You can take the 50ml & 100ml with you on "board"

With the super convenient "dropper" no mess, no hassle.
Have Rocket Fuel on hand for any unseen situations that may set off breathing issues.