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Savvy Touch

Hand & Heel Balm

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Hand & Heel Balm

With high vitamin A oils such as Tamanu, Totara, Apricot Kernel, Vitamin A, Zinc, Biotin, Manuka, Lemon Grass. It's no wonder this 100% Natural product has always been one of our best sellers.  You can literally feel the natural healing as soon as it goes on the skin 

Loved by mums, nurses, butchers, hospitality, fencers, pool maintenance workers, farmers. Just about anyone whose hands & heels need "protection" from the environment.

Sanitising and washing hands are all vital to hygiene but incredibly drying & in some cases damaging, especially to sensitive skin.

Hand & Heel offers both protection as a barrier & aids in natural healing of dry cracked damaged skin.

Awesome around the cuticles, with added Biotin to aid in nail growth & strength.

For those "smashing" there heels in boots through to the "flip flops" & "barefoot warriors" Hand & Heel will aid in natural healing of dryness & cracks.

Like all Savvy Touch products it is super concentrated.

Less is Best we want a "silky not greasy" feel

For the rest of the body or to aid in additional natural healing Use Skin Smoothie