We have 100% Natural & naturally
based products. Free of harsh chemicals.

No Animal Testing

We 100% Guarantee
we are animal testing free.


All our ingredients are sustainable
& ethically sourced.

Real Reviews from Real Customers

Different sizes available for great value for money

100% Natural & naturally based formulations

Products to improve daily wellbeing

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About Savvy Touch in the UK

Having discovered the Savvy Touch range here in the UK we reached out to Steve and the Savvy Touch family in New Zealand with the intention of bringing the amazing range to the people of the UK.

We're already catching the hearts and minds of our valued UK customers and are working hard to get the whole range available and delivered a lot faster - as we know it's a bit of a journey round the globe to New Zealand!!

Feel free to reach out to us anytime using our contact details. We aim to get as much as we can delivered to you within a few days but some of our products may take longer when it's in high demand.

We're happy to supply larger amounts of any of our range - just contact us with any queries or specific requirements.

We are massively excited about getting the UK touched by Savvy!