How does Rocket Fuel work? 
It is a 100% Natural formulation of UK's best Certified Organic Active Manuka Honey & a synergistic blend of essential oils all designed to naturally support a clear & healthy respiratory system in the head & chest. 

How much Rocket Fuel can you take?                                                   

Rocket Fuel uses essential oils and we recommend not exceeding 20mls over a 24 hour period. If severely congested we recommend using little & often through the day with a bigger dose pre bed.

You can also add 2-3 drops into a warm sinus rinse this is "intense" but the clearing is awesome. Only for severe sinus congestion

Can it be used every day? 
Absolutely! again we recommend not exceeding 20 mls per day. 

 Is it suitable for pregnant mums & kids?  
Yes, as its strong we recommend not exceeding the starting dose of 2-3 drops & lower 24 hour dose to 5ml                                            

For children (under 7) start with a "taste" & move up to a drop.

Just like adults there will be kids that love it & some that won't. You can also mix with honey or similar to dilute effect. 8 years & above start with 1 drop if needed or wanted then increase dose

Allergies / Sinus? 
Rocket Fuel offers natural support for clear airways. Including head, chest.  Giving natural support for upper & lower respiratory health

Good for flying? 
BIG YES....short but especially long haul. Take pre take off, during flight & pre landing. 

Good for exercise? 
Its awesome. Optimum results take 20 mins before any "exercise". Perfect for all sports especially. Rocket Fuel is packed with essential oils all designed & known for their support for respiratory tract health. 

Skin Smoothie:
An incredible product ideal for all skin types. Packed with essential oils & herbs to hydrate normal skin. It may aid in natural healing of dry, damaged skin:

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