Collection: GLIDE+ Balm

This 100% natural balm is a "must have" for all sports people and especially runners (chafe areas, blisters, shin splints) cyclists the best chamois balm, Tri athletes love it one balm for all disciplines.(100% wetsuit safe will not damage clothing)

Massage therapists, "scrapers", Physiotherapists absolutely love the Glide+ to "work" with. Like all savvy Touch products it is super concentrated. A little goes a long way. You are not constantly having to re-apply product it is just keeps Gliding Over the skin

Mums, baby adores the smell & feel of Glide+ as a barrier balm. Super light on the skin Ideal for “dribble rash” also

As a “barrier” balm it protects and aids in natural healing of the skin
It is completely safe for ALL even the MOST sensitive areas.
Babies adore the super soft feel of the product & the smell of the Aniseed oil.
A must have if you suffer from chafing.
Therapists it will become your favorite balm
"Best Chamois Balm on the market!" M. Rogers Evo cycles”