Rocket Fuel Just How Good Is It? A comparison with Hustle Drops

Rocket Fuel Just How Good Is It? A comparison with Hustle Drops

Rocket Fuel became our No1 selling product from the first day we launched it.

It continues as our "Flag Ship" today


Put simply because "it" works.

Rocket Fuel "instantly" dilates the entire respiratory system in the head & chest

100% Natural in a base of over 50% of New Zealand's best active Manuka Honey it is a synergistic blend of essential oils, all proven over decades & some cases hundreds of years for their therapeutic, anti viral, anti bacterial benefits.

And now several of the ingredients have been tested individually specifically towards the benefits essential oils can make on improved oxygen saturation levels during sports, in particular Peppermint oil 

Peppermint is an absolutely vital ingredient in Rocket Fuel, but just ONE of the essential 7 properties

Our catch cry for athletes is

"Breathe Better Perform Better, Breathe Better Recover Faster" 

Read more "University of Canterbury Performance Trial of Rocket Fuel " a "blind study" from a leading New Zealand university on Rocket Fuel clearly shows the HUGE benefit Rocket Fuel made during cardio session.

Below is a comparison of another product recently put into the USA market Hustle Drops. We think it clearly shows the incredible value that Rocket Fuel is

Made with… Benefits Rocket Fuel Hustle Drops

Manuka Honey

Active Properties

Massive anti-viral anti-bacterial properties, calms sore throat is the carrier for the other ingredients

Aloe Vera

Active Properties

Calms irritation in respiratory system contains healthful plant compounds anti-viral anti-bacterial

Apple Cider Vinegar

Active Properties

Support for digestive health, detox for stomach & liver, probiotic support, alkalising support, anti-viral anti-bacterial

Lemon Oil –

Active Properties

Improve cold symptoms, feel energised, astringent clears mucus, anti-viral anti-bacterial reduce anxiety and depression, dilates respiratory, improve oxygen flow, improve breathing

Peppermint Oil & extracts of mint

Active Properties

Dilates respiratory improve oxygen flow, improve breathing, improved energy, clarity, reduce muscle spasms, improved cardio performance, grip strength, boost blood circulation

Monk Fruit Extract

Natural sweetener

Ours is Active Manuka Honey

Coconut Oil

Natural Carrier Oil, Contains healthy fatty acids

We use Active Manuka Honey

Wintergreen Oil

Active Properties

analgesic, astringent, carminative, diuretic

Menthol Crystals

Active Properties

Dilates respiratory system, temporarily relieve nasal, improve breathing clear congestion, soothe sore throats, alleviate fever symptoms, coughs, headaches, and sinus discomforts, support immunity, and stabilize the emotions

Eucalyptus Oil

Active Properties

High in antioxidants, relieve cold symptoms, clears respiratory system, improve breathing, may reduce pain, may decrease stress, mouth health.

50ml Rocket Fuel

100ml Rocket Fuel

250ml Rocket Fuel

30ml Hustle Drops

50ml, 60ml & 100ml Are Glass Bottles with dropper dispenser 250ml specific essential oil approved plastic bottle screw top lid

Cost Per ml $US

50ml $0.72

100ml $0.49

250ml $0.34

Cost Per ml $US

30ml $1.00


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